Jesus! We can help you share Him online.

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Godinterest is a powerful tool to help you share the gospel online in a way that is as natural as everything else you do.

Godinterest lets you actively search the internet in order to provide others with the best, most ‘sharable’, good news content available. People can then engage with the content you post and have an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus.

This means that whenever you post meaningful content about Jesus on Godinterest you provide an opportunity for others to be part of the greatest story on earth.

How does it work?


    Sign up for an account and then search the internet for videos or images to post on your wall.


    Everyone who interacts with the content you post will be presented with an opportunity to engage with the gospel.


  3. Interact with those who response to the media you post

    Start the conversation about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and if it’s appropriate, try to help connect them with either your church or a local church group in their area.

    Also encourage them to use Godinterest to share the really great news about Jesus with their friends.


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