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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as much as we’ve enjoyed reporting and writing it, but it’s time for the next stage in Godinterest’s evolution.

The web can be an overwhelming place, especially when it comes to blogs. Blogs (short for weblogs) can be anything from personal diaries to daily screeds about current events. Most blogs are written by regular folks with strong opinions and a considerable amount of free time. While the most famous blogs like Gawker tend to be in the political, technical, or media arenas, spiritual bloggers are increasingly carving out their own section of the blogosphere.

Today we’re delighted to announce the beta launch of our very own blogging portal that can be accessed from Godinterest.org 

Our blogging portal has one purpose and only one purpose: “to let you share your faith online”. Our tailored system provides a custom writing experience with an optimized set of features.

  • Create and manage blogs
  • Packed with useful features and customizable themes
  • Ready made for podcasting, video embeds, photos and more
  • Step by step support with our helpful video tutorials
  • Effortlessly AutoBlog from your existing WordPress blog
  • Free Domain mapping
  • Fully social integrated
  • 500MB of storage to get you started

Product Roadmap

Godinterest Blogs represent a tremendous opportunity for publication, discussion, cross-fertilization, and critique of a kind never seen before. In principle, at least, the Internet offers an opportunity to break down old barriers and engender new communities. While the promise is vast, the actuality is only what those taking part happen to make of it.

With that in mind our intent is to give our users a voice in the early development priorities process. You ask we deploy. Our planned features so far are listed below.

  • Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Custom Godinterest Themes
  • Custom Godinterest Plugins


Visit the Godinterest User Community to post feature requests, questions or submit bugs.

This is a great way for all of us to share our insights, exchange ideas and define priorities.

Get started in seconds for free Click here to Sign Up

Godinterest Team


22 Comments on “WordPress for Religion

  1. this sounds really good. I already have a ‘Christian Blog’ attached to my Life Coaching website. I would love to have the same Blog in Pinterest which, I feel, could potentially a larger audience. Great opportunity.


  2. Bad link
    Since you’re attempting to direct people to the new website, I think you would be better served to correct a bad link above. It is in the paragraph starting “Today we’re delighted…” for godinterest.org. It contains a hidden extra space at the end (%20).

    Best wishes. You may choose not to allow this comment after editing. Thanks.


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