What Is A Godinterest Blog?

A Godinterest Blog is a blog created for religious purposes. Godinterest blogs archive and support religious education by facilitating reflection, questioning by self and others, collaboration and by providing contexts for engaging in higher-order thinking.

The use of blogs has become popular in religious institutions including churches and among religious educators in schools and colleges.  Godinterest Blogs can be useful tools for sharing information and tips among co-workers, providing information for students, or keeping in contact with parents.

Common examples include blogs written by or for teachers, blogs maintained for the purpose of classroom instruction, or blogs written about religious freedom.

Uses of Godinterest blogs

Godinterest Bloggers can use their blogs as a learning journal or a knowledge log to gather relevant information and ideas, and communicate with other people. Religious educators can use blogs to keep in contact with students’ parents. Bloggers can use blogs to record their own personal life, and express emotions or feelings. Bible scholars can use blogs as an instructional and assessment tool, and blogs can be used as a task management tool. Blogs can also be used to teach individuals about writing for an audience as they can be made public, and our blogging platform makes it easier to create content for the Web without knowing much HTML.

Join Godinterest in Making GOD Known around the world.

Godinterest Blogger Service Sign-up: http://godinterest.org

Godinterest Social Network Sign-up: http://godinterest.com



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