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blogging religion March 14 has given occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life. represents a tremendous opportunity for publication, discussion, cross-fertilization, and critique of a kind never seen before. In principle, at least, the Internet offers an opportunity to break down old barriers and engender new communities.

The purpose at hand is to foster a more self-reflective, collaborative, and mutually-aware religion blogosphere.

Why bother with blogs?

The growing influence of blogs has been indisputable. The mainstream press is looking more like the blogosphere. Old-guard newspapers and magazines now host blogs by reporters and columnists on their websites. Because of their ease of publication and use, blogs have changed the shape of public discourse in society as a whole and around religious questions in particular. A Godinterest Blog is a powerful and flexible medium, one uniquely suited to providing the space for vibrant, diverse, and productive discussions about religion.

“Academics, especially in the arts and humanities, have taken to blogs like ducks to water.”

– Craig Saper, Blogademia

Creating a community, making an impact

Savvy Godinterest bloggers have available to them the means to develop a quite sophisticated picture of their readership. Plugins like Google Analytics allow one to know with high precision (and reasonable accuracy) who is visiting one’s website and what they are doing there.

Most religion bloggers feel they have a sense of who their readers are. Usually, it tends to be a group that shares the same interests and views.

So what is missing, perhaps the following?

“High quality academic writing from known experts in the field is still missing.” (Robert P. Jones)

  • “It is a shame that Christianity Today’s daily round-up of news links [by Ted Olsen] has stopped running.” (Richard Bartholomew)

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8 Comments on “Blogging Religion | – WordPress for Religion

  1. The problem is the high quality academic writers. Malachi 2:7. They refuse to let Christ deliver the new covenant to them by the new and living way, (By the power of the Holy Ghost), Heb.8 and 10. They reject the Covenant given at Mt Sinai. All Christians can have Jesus Christ personally teach them, Heb.8:11. There’s no need for a man to teach them.


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  3. I think we are doing okay. Yea, we probably need more people that will boldly write about he core principles of the Word of God without fear of social ostracization but overall, we ain’t doing bad as such.
    I think we are just gonna take it one day at a time.


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