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Godinterest.org is a website which was developed in the UK and which has completely changed the concept of religious blogging in the online sphere in a revolutionary way. Opportunities provided by Godinterest are manifold and more than affordable to everyone who wants to share their principle of beliefs and their theological standpoint with the world. With the help of Godinterest platform it is possible to share your thoughts and beliefs in the form of a blog post or a video. You can create your own presentations or organize study groups that will help others to learn more from you, but also help you to refine the already acquired knowledge. And what is most important, it does not matter what your religion is.

The man who came to this great idea of uniting ”voices” of many on a noble misshttp://godinterest.org/ion and who is most deserving for the development of this platform is the 36 – year-old project manager residing in London, Dean Jones. Dean Jones, who is a devoted Christian that has been looking for a solution to the question posed by millions of believers around the globe for a long time, and that question is: ‘How do we get heard? How to send a message we have to others?” Dean Jones says about his project: “godinterest.org gives occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life and represents the possibility of a common conversation among a diverse set of voices.”

Indeed, if we look at the modern era and the world at this time, we shall see that one of the most important concerns of modern man, without him even being aware of it is in fact the search for meaning. The man invests continual effort to win the race for material goods, although he is aware of the fact that this is a race with no winners, all the while trying

via ‘’Share your faith’’ with Godinterest | Godinterest.org – WordPress for Religion | Create a free website or blog.


8 Comments on “‘’Share your faith’’ with Godinterest | Godinterest.org – WordPress for Religion | Create a free website or blog

  1. Hello,
    How do I get tech support? I created a site by invitation of Godinterest.org, called Birthright, but when I went to log in, it comes up
    blank. What should I do? Also, I want to know if creating a site and a blog
    are the same thing. I was interested in creating a blog, (hopefully with
    the option of having a few pages as well.)


    • Hi Christine

      Just to clarify a site is essentially the same thing as a blog. The different is how you intend to use it. It it’s just for blogging and providing updates on topical subjects then it’s will be a blog. But if it’s for a church for updating members , providing sermons and location information etc then it would topically referred to as the church website or site. We have an pro upgrade that’s let’s blog or site owners map there very own domain name make their blog or site more unique.

      When you first login you should be redirected to your blog URL. If you are still experiencing problems please type your blog URL is the browser after login i.e. Myblog.godinterest.org that should work.

      Would also be helpful if you could perhaps provide us with a little more information about this problem so we can look into it more.




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