Godinterest.com is a photo-driven Christian social network site that aims to connect users with friends, family, co-workers, testimonies and ministries.
  1. Share your testimony. Tell people what having a relationship with God means to you. Using too much “Christianese” turns people off. Keep it simple.
  2. Post positive images. Try to make sure your posts are positive. Post things that you’re thankful for. Or even name some of the ways that you’ve been blessed recently. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. Positivity, like negativity, is contagious.
  3. Let the Word talk. A good idea is to post encouraging quotes.
  4. Give thanks. Try daily to show your thankfulness to the Lord. Post His Word to give hope, peace and encouragement to your friends on Godinterest
  5. Watch your posts. Pray for people on Godinterest, share your testimony and even post devotionals
  6. Keep it real. Last but not least, humble yourself and be honest. Always show a Christ-like image as you live, learn, laugh and post.

Sign-up: http://godinterest.com

  1. I left a comment already, but I just had to tell you how wonderful your blog is. I enjoy the various picture quotes, etc. I love your whole concept. Amazing! Many blessings to you all.



    1. Thank you, we really appreciate your feedback. God Bless



    2. Thank you for stopping by. We really appreciate your support. God Bless



  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. This ministry you have started is GREAT! Praise God for what you do. This just goes to prove what the Bible says when it states, we all have gifts, we all have a service to give! I’ll definitely be following. You never know where the Holy Spirit provides inspiration!!
    God bless you richly in your endeavors to minister (serve).



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