Sin Can Make God Go Viral


The London Evening Standard

London Evening Standard | By Rosamund Urwin

Pinterest is often described as an online scrapbook, only it offers more bragging powers than the paper kind, a way to flaunt your perfect wardrobe/wedding/life. Now, though, it has a spin-off that’s more eternal than ego. Godinterest is for those who are up on “pinning” pictures and down with Jesus Christ. So far, there are quotes from Corinthians, photos of dolphins (“testament to His creativity”) and some divinely inspired slogan T-shirts (“Radiate positive vibes”). It’s not exactly a winning ad for the big G.

The biggest problem, though, is its name. Why not call it Sinterest, I thought, to bring all the Doubting Thomases to the virtual yard? Of course, this being the internet, someone has already had that idea days ago.

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  1. A landmark in national life has just been passed. For the first time in recorded history, those declaring themselves to have no religion have exceeded the number of Christians in Britain. Some 44 per cent of us regard ourselves as Christian, 8 per cent follow another religion and 48 per cent follow none. The decline of Christianity is perhaps the biggest single change in Britain over the past century. Go figure!



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