Getting started with Godinterest

A simple overview of Godinterest: perfect if you’re new or want a refresh on the basics.

Getting started

Let’s walk through the basics.

Post: It all begins with a Post. Posts are visual bookmarks. Each Post you see on Godinterest links back to the site it came from, so you can learn more.  You can save anything you find around the web by adding the Godinterest browser button to the browser you use most.

Upload: You can also upload images directly from your computer or mobile device. To get started click on the the “+” button at the top of the page.

Feed: Your home feed is just for you. When you first log in to Godinterest, you’ll see your home feed—it’s a collection of Posts from the people you follow. You’ll find lots of new ideas from your home feed, or by browsing through categories or doing searches.

 Like what you see? Make it a full-time thing. Follow accounts to see all their Posts. Following people is how you fill up your home feed with good stuff.

Categories: Get inspiration from our category feeds, like Bible or Christianity.

Hashtag: Wondering what everyone’s talking about? Click on a hashtag and find out. Hashtags connect Posts that talk about the same thing in one place. Find more tips in our Using hashtags on Godinterest article.

What are @, # ?
Confused by our lingo? Don’t worry, check out the Godinterest glossary and become a pro in just minutes.

Repost: See something you like? Repost it to spread the word instantly. Find more tips in our Reposting another Godinterest article.

Ready to see what’s happening on Godinterest?

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