Godinterest Share-It-Button for Google Chrome

Chrome Web Store Godinterest Share It Button

Add Images from other sites

Be part of the Godinterest community and submit your favorite images and links. You can easily add images you find online using our Share It Button.

How to install it?

Click the link below and confirm you want to add the Share-It-Button to your browser. That’s it! The Share-It-Button will appear on your Chrome and you can start posting Godinteresting things!

How does it work?

When you’re visiting a website and see an image you like, click the share it button on your browser. This will scan the current page and look for images you can add.

Choose one of the images (you need to be logged in), and save the image.

That’s it, congratulations! You’ve just added an image.

Other ways to add images!

Right Click

With the Share It Button installed, you can add an image by right-clicking it.


  1. thanks so much for “liking” my recent post. This is the second time you have “liked” one of my posts so hopefully I’m doing something right! 🙂 God bless you in your ministry here. I plan to check it out.



    1. Thank you for your support and for your encouraging words. God Bless You



  2. Love this idea! My wife is uber into the similar version of your site (!) but this is a great way to share Christian specific things! Thanks for following my blog, I hope you enjoy reading the posts and who knows. maybe some of the users will share the posts on Godinterest too?!



  3. I saw your post for writers but for some reason, my account isn’t working on that site. I would love to chat with you about writing for your site. I really love what you guys are doing!



  4. Can you please kindly share or reblog my posts please. Thank you and may God bless you



    1. Hi, you can actually post directly to Godinterest as often as you like by joining. Your blog post will then be syndicated around our network. God Bless



      1. Okay will do thank you



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