The Perfect Mission Field

Wouldn’t it be great to pastor or attend the perfect church? Imagine a church where everyone loves the Lord, loves each other and loves the pastor! Everyone is a tithe-paying member. Everyone attends every worship service and everyone always volunteers for every ministry opening. Too many nursery workers, not enough work to go around on church workdays and everyone agrees on the kind of music we sing?

If we were going to design the perfect mission field at Godinterest, here is what it might look like:
  1. It would be filled with millions of unsaved and accessible youth and young adults.
  2. It would be a place where people openly, regularly, and publicly share their opinions, thoughts, feelings, concerns, fears, and needs.
  3. It would be a place where people connect with other people in community, and people like and expect to meet new people.
  4. It would be a place where many people provide a picture and a little information about themselves so you can know a little about them before you communicate with them. It would be a place where it is okay to be creative, different, and to just be you.
  5. It would be a place where people openly debate, discuss, and exchange ideas on spiritual matters.
  6. It would be a place where people like to go and hang out.
  7. It would be fun and people would smile and laugh.
  8. It would be a place that is very close to home so we could get there quickly and getting there would not require immunizations, or passports, or plane trips and it would all be free.

The Truth Is, We Are Not Called to the Perfect Church; We Are Called to the Mission Field.

As we seek God’s will, it is helpful to analyze who we are: our abilities, our interests, our opportunities, the counsel of wise friends we respect, what gives us the greatest joy, and also the tug of our hearts.

This perfect mission field exists right now, down to the last detail. It exists on the Internet in a public online service that connects people in community: blogs, personal webpages, and discussion groups on Godinterest.

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