The success of marketing via image-based websites

The success of marketing via image-based websites

The success of marketing via image-based websites

First there was MySpace, a fun network that ruled the roost online and captured independent music fans a-plenty. In time, Facebook soon enough came along and blew that old social networking site out of the water and almost off the web. Later, in a near sneak attack, the runaway success of mostly image-based social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest would displace a portion of Facebook’s throne.

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Godinterest Share-It-Button for Google Chrome

Chrome Web Store Godinterest Share It Button

Add Images from other sites

Be part of the Godinterest community and submit your favorite images and links. You can easily add images you find online using our Share It Button.

How to install it?

Click the link below and confirm you want to add the Share-It-Button to your browser. That’s it! The Share-It-Button will appear on your Chrome and you can start posting Godinteresting things!

How does it work?

When you’re visiting a website and see an image you like, click the share it button on your browser. This will scan the current page and look for images you can add.

Choose one of the images (you need to be logged in), and save the image.

That’s it, congratulations! You’ve just added an image.

Other ways to add images!

Right Click

With the Share It Button installed, you can add an image by right-clicking it.

Godinterest (the Christian Pinterest)

Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to share cool things that you find across the web.

Godinterest is presently being used for organising ideas including Church events, travel planning, inspirational quotes, home decorating ideas, meal planning and advice, wedding or event planning and activities for children.

Godinterest also allows businesses to create profile pages aimed at promoting their businesses online.



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