12 Ways to Share Your Faith Online with Godinterest

While Godinterest is often referred to as a “photo sharing website,” in reality it is much more than that. In addition to posting photos, people also post funny images, quotes and text. And some people don’t post anything at all, they just “like” and comment on what others post.

Because of that we think it’s more accurate and beneficial to think of Godinterest as a social network where images are the primary medium.

Let’s talk about ways we can use Godinterest to share our faith online. Here are 11 we came up with:

1) Post pics of creation.  Give God all the praise.

God's creation

2) Post pics of Christian community. Share the fun and love you experience at social events at church and within your small group.

3) Post pics of serving in your community. When you serve the poor, paint a house or join in a community service project or cause, take, upload and share photos.

10702107_383010208529511_645647390782184815_n.jpg (640×640)

10710849_384357451728120_955309854181848465_n.jpg (640×640)

4) Post pics from missions trips. Missions trips are especially good opportunities for great photos because they often provide the opportunity to mix in beautiful pictures of God’s creation, culture and people from other country’s.

12 Ways to Share Your Faith Online with Godinterest

5) Post quotes from scripture and Christian authors.

10374971_383981598432372_455293618364773857_n.jpg (640×640)

6) Post pics of Christian art. Godinterest is a visual medium. Sometimes art – whether it’s paintings, stained glass, sculpture or other – speaks louder than words.

7) Post pics of the people you love & things you like.  In other words, be a real, authentic person.

12 Ways to Share Your Faith Online with Godinterest

8) Listen and engage with others. Remember Godinterest is a SOCIAL network. Don’t just broadcast. Follow your friends, family and people in your community who use Godinterest. View their pics, comment and encourage them.

9) Mention your faith in your Godinterest bio.

10393749_382737158556816_1720291393793224451_n.jpg (640×640)

10) Post your testimony and/or a gospel presentation on the site your profile links to. In your Godinterest profile, you have the ability to include a link to a website. You can use this to link to your blog or personal website where you can tell the story of how God has transformed your life and can transform others as well.

11) Create a Godinterest profile for your church.  If your a pastor or church communications person, you can create an Godinterest account for your church and do all of the above on behalf of your church.

What do you think of the suggestions above? Any really resonate with you? Got any other ideas for using Godinterest to share your faith online?

Godinterest (the Christian Pinterest)

Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to share cool things that you find across the web.

Godinterest is presently being used for organising ideas including Church events, travel planning, inspirational quotes, home decorating ideas, meal planning and advice, wedding or event planning and activities for children.

Godinterest also allows businesses to create profile pages aimed at promoting their businesses online.

Sign-up: http://godinterest.com

Proper Church Fashions? Find Tips On Godinterest

Woman s Fashion   Godinterest

This is a guest post by Paula Mooney. It first appeared in LuckMag and is published here with permission of Paula to whom we are grateful.

The other day I was thinking about the time when I was in the basement of my old church attending some sort of training session for us “leaders,” as churches are apt to call volunteers who are led like sheep to the slaughter into ministry work. I had donned my favorite white sweater, one composed of yarn that was knitted or crocheted into a pattern that allowed small rectangular spacing in between each section. I wasn’t crazy – I knew I’d be spending time around some holier-rolling-than-thou saints – therefore, I probably wore some kind of tank top underneath. (Unlike the time I wore the same sweater to my former job in California with just a bra underneath, and my female boss at the time kept glancing down during our conversation.)

Woman s Fashion   Godinterest2

But back to the church basement. All of a sudden, this older geezer of a man sidled up next to me and chimed, “Are you cold? Are you cold?” Before I could even open my mouth to begin to formulate an answer, he responded for me to his own inquiry. “The reasons you’re cold we’ve already discussed,” he said, proudly referring to a discussion the teacher had just had with us members about appropriate church attire. I couldn’t tell if his statement reflected genuine grandfatherly concern for his “sister in Christ” or a kind of Pharisee-like creepiness.

Either way, I probably could’ve found some guidance for dressing in the fashion section for women on Godinterest.com, if the site would’ve existed back then. Years later, at a different church, I’d find myself being admonished a bit more gently and less directly in another ministry meeting, all because my cute white t-shirt with the “blinged-out” bedazzled cross on the front was apparently a little too fitted.

Ah well…church fashions may always be a point of controversy, especially in light of all the hubbub surrounding famous Christians like Erica Campbell and Meagan Good lately, two beautiful women whom I believe dress just fine for the entertainment industry. Besides, I hate it when some places of worship go overboard with talk about women “tempting their brothers to fall.” At least some are progressive enough to ban the men from wearing muscle shirts. At least they realize that some of the men’s Christian fashions we uncover can be just as provocative:

Men s Fashion   Godinterest10

Okay, back from that trip to muscle-land.

My main point is that I’ve learned that dressing for church might have evolved over the years, but no matter what, just because you wear a skirt down to your ankles doesn’t mean you’re not a sinner in need of saving, and simply because a bit of décolletage shows doesn’t mean you’re in a hand basket heading to hell.

Following the unction of the Holy Spirit guides us into what’s really proper attire for us to wear – whether it’s for a Sunday morning service, a Saturday night contemporary celebration, or any other day of the week. In the same way that God looks upon the heart, it’s more important to start there in gleaning where a person’s coming from, and not sum them up in one judgment based solely on their wardrobe.

Introducing The New Godinterest Follow Button

Follow Godinterest

You can now add a Godinterest Follow button to your site to direct your visitors to view and follow your Godinterest feed.

The Follow button will enable people to find and follow you on Godinterest. Once someone follows your account, they’ll start seeing your Posts in their home feed.

Follow Button   Godinterest

How to install it?

It’s easy to add this button to your site or blog. It’s just a couple lines of code, which you can copy and paste onto your pages in a matter of minutes as follows:


  1. Go to http://godinterest.com/follow-button
  2. Simply enter your Godinterest page’s URL and Name. We recommend turning the button into a call-to-action by adding a verb like “Follow” before your personnel or company name.
  3. Select the button you want to use by clicking on the radio buttons.
  4. Click on Get button code
  5. Then simply copy and paste the embed code Godinterest provides into your site HTML wherever you want the button to appear.

Recommendations for Use

Add the ‘Follow’ button to the rest of your suite of social media follow buttons on your website and/or email communication. For example, if you promote your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ presence using follow buttons on your website’s homepage, ‘About Us’ page, ‘Contact Us’ page, or in your email messages, add your Godinterest ‘Follow’ button to the mix there, too!




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